Member Spotlight: Bob Henderson

Member Spotlight: Bob Henderson

This issue’s member spotlight is on Robert (Bob) Henderson- 2021-2022 Raleigh Section President

When did you first hear about the IES and what prompted you to join? I was promoted into a position where lighting was 50% of my job and my manager suggested that I join the IES.

What is the best thing about the Society? Why do you continue to renew?  The IES is the Lighting Authority for Recommended Practice. It is one stop shopping to help me stay abreast of the changes in technology, design practice and more. I renew my membership because I have the opportunity thru my membership to learn from an independent source to stay up to date and credible and network with my fellow lighting practitioners and learn from them.

At what point in your career did you come to understand lighting as a career path for you? As soon as I was introduced to lighting and attended a few lighting schools, I became hooked. It has remained the main focus of my career interest from that day until today.

When not serving the advancement of the art and science of lighting, how do you like to spend your free time? I enjoy my family, playing the piano, and now teaching others play the fun and easy way using the professional chord system. I also play the saxophone and perform occasionally on recordings. My deepest passion is to help others by mentoring them and watch them grow in lighting and in self-reliance, such as how to find a better job, personal finance, starting and growing my business and education to get a better job.

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