Illumination Awards

2022 Illumination Awards

Thank you for your participation in the North Carolina Illumination Awards 2022. We had amazing projects submitted this year.

2022 Illumination Award Winner

First Presbyterian Church
Diane Rodriguez | Hartranft Lighting Design

National Register of Historic Places First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte undertook a 16-month renovation of the 1895 Sanctuary and 1947 Welcome Center. Lighting played an important role in the successful transformation of these spaces. FPC had specific requests for the lighting design:

  • Enhance lighting quality with an appealing aesthetic
  • Increase lighting levels in sanctuary
  • Specify luminaires to enhance televised worship services
  • Limit new sanctuary lighting to existing openings in historic ceiling
  • Sanctuary lighting controls with preprogrammed scenes encompass morning, evening, Tenebrae, and concert uses

Improved general lighting employs discreet sources and allows historic decorative chandeliers and sconces to create sparkle and unique character. New aimable cylinders provide general lighting significantly increasing lighting levels, crucial for reading hymnals and bulletins. Accent lighting at chancel renders officiant shadow free. Retrofit LED lamps dim to zero in historic chandeliers ensuring various scenes, long lamp life and minimized maintenance. Interior historic stained-glass window (to the side of the chancel) is backlit with tunable white LED up / down wall washers.

Design ensures Sanctuary control flexibility with individually addressed DMX luminaires. Several preset scenes are programmed for variety of sanctuary uses. Interior stained-glass window backlighting tied to an exterior / roof-mounted sensor follows change of Kelvin throughout the day to match exterior-lit windows.

Sanctuary: Previously a very dim space, lighting updates lift the space, visually and photometrically. Lighting levels now conform to IES standards. Illumination levels in sanctuary increased from 9fc average to 32fc average. Existing metal halide downlights in historic wood ceiling were removed. Detailing existing recesses allows yoke mounted cylinders to fully recess above the ceiling and keep general lighting ‘quiet’.

Welcome Center: Carefully zoned luminaires allow a variety of functions. Pre-set controls are user friendly.

Replacing Legacy light sources with LED luminaires and retrofit lamps results in 31% better than code energy consumption.

Honorable Mentions to all our project submissions

Bell Tower Green
Andrea Hartranft | Hartranft Lighting Design

401 Foster
Ervin KulenicaPE | MME Engineering
Billy Askey AIA | EVOKE Studio Architecture

Life Science Building
Leah Robinson | Pivotal Lighting Design

Virginia’s National Museum of the U.S. Army
Derek Barnwell | Available Light

Download the 2022 Illuminations Awards Booklet [PDF 1.6MB]

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