Member Spotlight: Mai Carr Zakerin, LC.

Member Spotlight: Mai Carr Zakerin, LC.

This issue’s member spotlight is on Mai Carr Zakerin, LC.

When did you first hear about the IES and what prompted you to join?  Professor David DiLaura first introduced me to IES and illumination science / design / engineering while attending a required general engineering class as part of my degree in Architectural Engineering at University of Colorado. Not quite as known then, Professor Dilaura was a leader in illumination and wanted to inspire the next generation of Illumination Engineers and it was at his urging that all Illumination students be involved in IES student chapter at the University of Colorado – Boulder.

What is the best thing about the Society?  Why do you continue to renew?  The Illumination Engineering Society is the authority that helps to guide the application and science of lighting. As the institution of lighting knowledge, IES is only as good as it’s contributors, so I owe to the organization to continue my membership and the rich history and knowledge I have gained in the field of illumination to share with our newer members. I renew because IES members are my colleagues and friends and we all have a mutual understanding and an appreciation of why lighting is important and why we need to continue to build the society’s knowledge.

At what point in your career did you come to understand lighting was the career path for you?  I was instantly intrigued and hooked with both the art and science of illumination which differed from anything I had experienced in any of my other engineering or architectural classes in college. Until my first illumination class at CU (University of Colorado), I did not know there was such a field as Illumination. The science of lighting was around for ages, but the art was not as well known then. It ignited both my left and right brain, and I was hooked right from my first introduction. I may do a lot of things, but illumination remains to be at the core of all I do since my inquisitiveness has never been quenched and illumination continues to evolve especially with LED technology which has transformed illumination.

Past/Recent Projects
Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Gardens – Yorba Linda, CA (with Francis Krahe & Associates)
Larry Ellison Estate – Woodside, CA (with The Engineering Enterprise)
Kaiser Challenge Way Medical Office Building – Sacramento, CA (with Silverman & Light)
Cree HQ Lighting Education Center – Durham, NC (with Cree)
Revolution Mill Pedestrian Bridge & Stack Lighting – Greensboro, NC (with LiteSource)

When not serving the advancement of the art and science of lighting, how do you like to spend your free time?  I prefer not to take the same path twice and love traveling and discovering, good food and good friends!

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