The Raleigh Section has an active calendar that includes various educational courses as well as multiple opportunities to network and socialize with industry peers. To keep abreast with our upcoming events follow the calendar below.

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May Social: Durham Scavenger Hunt @ 117 Market St
May 1 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


How the awesomeness works:

  • Form a team of 3-5 or join another team on the day of the event. If you like, be creative and coordinate team outfits. (You do not sign up as a team, please register as individuals.)
  • Play using your mobile app on both iPhone an Android, and hang onto all memories using the personal live stream and photo album.
  • Build more meaningful relationships with participants and get to know each other deeper.

Every cityHUNT adventure is jam packed with clues for you and/or your team to uncover and solve. Clues will be sent to your team in cryptic, unexpected ways to encourage everyone to work together. Clues are placed in various locations, including but not limited to: well-known landmarks, parks and neighborhoods .

Social Distancing Scavenger hunts are here and they are awesome! It’s time to get back outside and play together in a fun, safe, stress-free way. Solve clues, take photos and make epic videos using cityHUNT’s amazing technology platform. Each game includes interactive location clues, awesome team building tasks & a series of challenges built just for you! Each clue is worth a different amount of points. So make sure your team collects the most to win the game. Winning individual/team will be awarded a trophy, bragging rights, and a round of drinks on IES Raleigh Section!

Day of event: Hungry? Support local businesses and meet to grab a bite to eat at NOON to fuel yourself up for the hunt. Afterwards, meet at the start/end at 1:00 PM to begin. When the hunt is done, let’s celebrate the winners at the start/end spot.